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Subject Free Eight-week Online Course of 15.662x: Shaping the Future of Work
Date 18-02-14 10:15



Dear ILERA Members,

This Spring I will offer my free eight-week online course, 15.662x: Shaping the Future of Work ( ), for the third time since 2015. The goal of this course is to explore and develop plans of action for improving the job and career opportunities for today and tomorrow’s workforce. It also help students understand and better address the deep divisions and inequalities in societies that threaten the future of our economies and democracies.

The course will allow for individuals from all across the globe to create a better future by building a stronger network of businesses, employees, labor organizations, and their communities. We use the metaphor of “Building a New Social Contract” to organize the task we face and the options we might consider, while shaping the future trajectory of employment. Together we will learn how business, education, labor, government, and the workforce can work together to produce more good jobs and careers, thriving businesses and economies and in doing so help to close the deep divisions and address the frustrations that are all too apparent in our society.

I would like to invite you, your students, and your colleagues to take part in the class. In order to get a better sense of the course layout, you can watch the introduction piece here ( ). If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to have you on board and share the information with your potentially interested students.


Thomas Kochan and 15.662x Course Team