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Welcome Message

We are greatly honoured to invite you to the 18th International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) World Congress which will be held from 23 to 27 July 2018 in Seoul, Korea. As the 4th industrial revolution has emerged as an important issue in the field of labor, the ILERA World Congress 2018 aims to highlight a creative solution to move toward a sustainable society under the theme of “Employment for a Sustainable Society: What Is To Be Done?”.

Thanks to valuable contributions made by experts and academics from around the world, we have successfully received over 600 abstracts and it is the remarkable number of abstracts submitted in ILERA history. In addition, we plan to have various study groups and special sessions to encourage more vibrant discussions on the latest issues in labor and employment.

Special celebrations for ILERA’s 50th anniversary and the ILO’s centenary will be held during ILERA World Congress 2018, making the congress even more meaningful. In particular, all living former ILERA presidents will come together in Seoul for the first time in ILERA history. We are confident that next year’s ILERA World Congress will serve as a significant venue for those involved in labor and employment relations to exchange knowledge and to celebrate ILERA’s milestone anniversary together.

We look forward to learning from your expertise and experience, as well as to welcoming you to Seoul, where constructive discussions will take place during the 18th Congress.

Thank you.

Prof. Dong-One Kim
President of ILERA
Korea University

Dr. Changwon Lee
Chair of Organizing Committee
Korea Labor Institute

Prof. Yongjin Nho
Chair of Academic Committee
Seoul National University of Science & Technology