ILERA World Congress 2018 Seoul - "Employment for A Sustainable Society: What to Be Done?"


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Subject ILERA World Congress 2018 Call for Papers
Date 17-03-21 18:40



Employment for a Sustainable Society: What Is To Be Done?

The world of work has dramatically changed over the last three decades. Traditional employment relations have weakened, and in their wake job insecurity and income inequality have proliferated. Changes are not limited to industrialized countries. New forms of employment relations have emerged in developing economies and they may be of worldwide significance for the future. A succession of global financial crises and subsequent economic stagnation has revealed the structural problems contributing to unstable employment relations and polarized labor markets. Bottom-line short-termism likely only worsens these problems. Yet stable employment with equal opportunity is essential for sustainable socio-economic development and prosperity. Thus the 18th World Congress addresses the challenging question of how to redraw employment relations in order to achieve employment for a sustainable society. We invite contributions on this theme.

Track 1: Collective Voices and Social Dialogue for a Better Future
Track 2: HRM Challenges and Responses for the Changing Workplace
Track 3: Labor Market Dualization and Institutional Responses
Track 4: Workforce Diversity, Labor Market Inequality and Social Integration
Track 5: Work and Employment Relations in Emerging Market Economies
Track 6: The Future of Work