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Special Session

The ILERA World Congress 2018 will provide special sessions, as well as regular ones for participants to discuss various topics. In total, 17 institutions have been planning their own special session, each with a different topic. We look forward to your keen interest and participation.

No. Special Session Coordinators
1 Social Asia Forum 2018 Seung Gil LEE Social Asia Forum, Ajou University
Bongsoo Jung KangNam Labor Law Firm
2 Deans Forum on Changes in Our Field and in Our Schools and Programs Harry KATZ Cornell University
3 Role and Development of Labor Specialists in the Labor Market (Korea & Japan Labor Attorney Forum) Hyunkook PARK Labor Lawfirm U&
4 FKTU International Forum on Minimum Wage Soon Sik Kwon Changwon National University
Moon Ju Chung Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU)
5 Journal Editor Forum Minju Shin ILERA World Congress 2018
6 Special Session for Graduate Students Sang-Min Lee Hanyang University
7 Continental Assembly Changwon Lee ILERA World Congress 2018
8 Management Forum Jeongil Lee Samsung Economic Research Institute
9 The Evolution of Korean Industrial and Employment Relations Young-Myon LEE Dongguk University
10 Protection of Human Rights and Social Responsibility of Multinational Corporations in the Int'l Supply Chain Su-nam Bse Korea Labor Foundation (KLF)
Han-uk Cho Korea Labor Foundation (KLF)
11 Wisconsin School Session Sang Hoon Lim Hanyang University
12 Labor Movement Forum Yong-Cheol Park Korea Labor & Society Institute (KLSI)
Korean Confederation of Trade Union (KCTU)
13 Exploring New Ways of Social Dialogue in the Post-Neo-Liberal Era: Comparing Europe and Korea Myung-Joon Park Economic and Social Development Commission
14 Making Lifelong Learning Standard at Work Changwon Lee ILERA World Congress2018
15 The Future of Union and Corporate Social Responsibility Soonwon Kwon Sookmyung Women’s University
16 Future of Work : Challenges for Social Security and Labor Market Institutions (KLI Special Session) Jai-Joon Hur Korea Labor Institute (KLI)
17 How Skills and Investment on Human Capitals can Contribute to the Skills Development of Korea’s Labor Market Yeo-In Yoon Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training (KRIVET)
  • Details on each Special Sessions are subject to change.
  • If you have any comments or suggestions on Special Sessions, please contact the secretariat at

Gender and Employment

The Gender and Employment Study Group will be convened by Marian Baird, from the University of Sydney. The theme for the meeting is: Feminisation of Work and Implications for Institutions  – for trade unions, bargaining, regulation, work and family, business.

Presentations or discussion starters are welcome.

Please let Marian know if you are interested in attending and / or presenting at the gender and Employment Study Group. All contributions are welcome. Once I have an idea of the level and type of interest I will circulate more information.