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The ILERA World Congress 2018 will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss various issues in employment and labour. We are happy to introduce our study groups which will make our congress more fruitful and invaluable. If you wish to find out more about each study group, please click the name of the coordinator and feel free to contact the group’s coordinator to participate in active discussions.

No. Study Group Coordinator
1 Industrial Relations as a field and Industrial Relations theory Bruce Kaufman, John Kelly
2 Gender and Employment Marian Baird, Gill Kirton
3 Employment Relations in Emerging Economies Ngan Collins
4 Workers' Participation Ray Markey
5 Labour Market Regulations: Rationales, Indicators and Impacts Sangheon Lee, Deirdre McCann
6 Public Policy and Industrial Relations Anil Verma
7 Pay Systems Michelle Brown
8 Future of Trade Unionism Timo Kauppinen
9 The Role of the Neutral Third-Party (Labor Judges, Arbitrators and Related Experts) Chris Albertyn
10 Global Value Chains and Labour Standards: Implications for Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management Quick Linked Mark J. Smith, Stefan Zagelmeyer
  • Details on each study group are subject to change.
  • If you have any comments or suggestions on study groups, please contact the secretariat at