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1. Presentation Time

  • Presentation Time Standard
    • 100-minute session: 4 presenters x (15 min for presentation + 5 min for Q & A) + 20 min discussion
    • 70-minute session: 3 presenters x (15 min for presentation + 5 min for Q & A) + 10 min discussion

      *Chairs will be given a free hand to offer extra time.
      *Presentation time also includes about 1 minute for you to be introduced by chair and to move to the presenter podium.

  • Each presenter’s allocated presentation time will vary according to the number of presentations for each session.
  • The number of presenters will be changed when one of the presenters of your session does not attend the congress.
  • Since the presentation time includes all of the presentations for the paper, presenters and co-presenters need to distribute presentation minutes in advance.

2. Presentation Preparation

  • Language: English
  • File Format: Microsoft Office PowerPoint (.ppt), (.pptx) / Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

※ Presenters are recommended to prepare your presentation using a given template. Please find the attached Presentation Template File,
    which can also be downloaded from our website.

  • Video & Audio File: If you have video or audio files in the presentation, please embed them and also bring the files on a USB memory stick as a backup copy.
  • Font: Please use default fonts in Windows such as Times New Roman, Arial and Calibri in order to avoid any potential problems.

3. Equipment & Software

  • Presentation Equipment: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse

    *Presenters will be able to control their slides by using a keyboard or a mouse at the lectern.

  • Equipment at the Lectern in the Session Room

  • All room computers will be equipped with Window based PCs with MS OFFICE 2010, 2016/ Acrobat Reader / Windows Media Player installed.
  • Presenters will NOT be allowed to load presentations directly onto the session room computers and they will NOT be allowed to use personal laptops to avoid problems with computer-projector compatibility.
  • There will be staffers stationed in each session room to assist with any technical issues.

4. Presentation Material Submission

  • All presentation files are required to be submitted onsite.
  • To submit and review your presentation materials, please bring your presentation files on a USB drive to the Speakers’ Room at least 3 hours before your session.
  • Presenters should make sure that all fonts appear as expected, and that all sound/video clips are working properly while reviewing their presentation slides.

5. Speakers’ Room

  • The Speakers’ Room will be open to all the speakers where they can submit and review their presentation materials.
  • Speakers’ Room Schedule
    Date Available Hours
    July 23 (Mon.) 09:00 – 18:00
    July 24 (Tue.)-July 26 (Thu.) 08:00 – 18:00
    July 27 (Fri.) 07:30 – 12:00
  • Speakers’ Room Location: R1 AB, 3F, COEX North

6. Pre-Meeting

  • Presenters should be at the allocated session room at least 20 minutes before your session.
  • It is highly advisable that Presenters, Chairs and Discussants meet prior to the session and check the below issues while having a pre-meeting.

    [Check List]

    • check your presentation materials
    • check allotted time for your presentation