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1. Presentation Time

  • Presentation Time Standard
    • 100-minute session: 4 presenters x (15 min for presentation + 5 min for Q & A) + 20 min discussion
    • 70-minute session: 3 presenters x (15 min for presentation + 5 min for Q & A) + 10 min discussion

      *Chairs will be given a free hand to offer extra time.
      *Presentation time also includes about 1 minute for you to be introduced by chair and to move to the presenter podium.

  • Each presenter’s allocated presentation time will vary according to the number of presentations for each session.
  • The number of presenters will be changed when one of the presenters of your session does not attend the congress.
  • Since the presentation time includes all of the presentations for the paper, presenters and co-presenters need to distribute presentation minutes in advance.

2. Detailed Program and Abstracts

  • For a better understanding of the session, chairs and discussants are highly recommended to review session details prior to the congress.
  • All detailed information on the session and presentation including authors’ information and abstracts have been uploaded.

    *When the author of an abstract has not agreed to share his/her abstract through the website, it has not been uploaded. Please let us know via email if you want to review the unshared abstract.

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3. Pre-Meeting

  • Chairs and discussants should be at the allocated session room at least 20 minutes before your session.
  • It is highly advisable that Chairs, Presenters and Discussants meet prior to the session and check the below issues while having a pre-meeting.

    [Check List]

    • clarify roles and responsibilities of each presenter and discussant
    • check allotted time for each presenter
    • consult with each presenter and discussant as to how they may prefer to be introduced

4. Roles of Chair and Discussant

  • Chair
    • Introduce Presenters and Discussants: At the beginning of the session, welcome the participants and presenters of your session, and introduce briefly the session title, and the names and presentation titles of presenters.
    • Time Keeping: Since all sessions need to run in an orderly manner, each presentation should start and end on time. Please be aware of time constraints in order to give equal time to each presenter within the limited session time.
    • Chair the Session: After a presenter has concluded his/her presentation, the session Chair may briefly summarize the presentation. And the Chair is requested to facilitate the discussion process.
    • Close the Session: Clearly define the conclusion of the session by thanking the presenters and the audience and stating that the session has concluded.
  • Discussant
    • Ask Questions about the Presentations: After a presenter has concluded his/her presentation, discussants are requested to ask proper questions about the presentation if there is no question from the floor.
    • Have a Discussion: A short (10-20 minutes) discussion is supposed to take place at the end of each session. The discussants may highlight which parts they find well presented, indicate possible errors in the content of the presentation, or ask additional questions which are related to the topic.

5. Staff Assistance in Session Room

  • There will be our staff in each room to assist with the practical arrangements for sessions such as:
    • Checking presentation materials and starting presentations
    • Getting help from technicians or session managers if needed
    • Making sure to keep the session room tidy.